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Anatomic ACL Reconstruction
Anatomic ACL Reconstruction with Endobutton Technique narrated and performed by Dr. Michael J. Greller, MD, CPE, FAAOS Dr. Michael Greller is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, fellowship trained in sports medicine and President of Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute and more »

Jumper’s Knee: Prevention and Treatment
It’s no wonder that children are so often associated with running, jumping, and being active. There’s just something about that youthful energy that demands to be put into motion. However, active children and adolescents are also at risk of knee more »

Next Generation in Knee Replacement by Dr. Nasar
Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the United States. This procedure is used to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life for many patients. Surgeons have performed conventional knee replacement surgery more »

Staying Safe with Summer Sports
How can you avoid injury and still get the most out of the summer? Summer sports are All-American favorites: baseball, tennis, swimming, softball, soccer, cycling, ultimate frisbee, surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, beach volleyball, archery, windsurfing, polo, golf, running, and more! more »

Cartilage Injury and Regeneration
A common condition in the United States, joint pain can be a serious hindrance to athletic activity as well as everyday life. An estimated two million American experience joint pain associated with cartilage injuries each year. Cartilage injuries can be more »

Marathon Training: On The Move With A Mission
Running a marathon is an incredible undertaking requiring discipline, passion, and lots and lots of preparation. For all the hard work that goes into preparing your body to run a marathon, the sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish more »

Knee Pain Treatment Option: Arthroscopic Surgery
The human knee is the largest joint in the body and is made up of bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It consists of the lower end of the femur, the upper end of the tibia, the kneecap, and four more »

Top 5 Low Impact Exercises for All Ages
Maybe you’re coming back from an injury, or you have an existing condition that makes impact on your joints unfeasible. Maybe you just want to mix up your workout routine a little. No matter the reason, low impact exercises are more »

In Motion: Good Nutrition May Keep You Warm in the Cold Too
With the changing of the seasons and the accompanying drop in the temperature outside, many athletes flock to the ski slopes, the ice rink, and the mountainside seeking outdoor adventure and fitness. Exercising in cold weather presents several unique nutritional more »

New Options in Total Joint Replacement (TJR)
Worldwide, over 1.2 million total joints are being done each year. Approximately, 800,000 of these total joints are done in the US alone. Americans are therefore the biggest consumers of this very successful technology. Traditionally, TJR is done in a more »

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