Meet Hand Therapist Leah Rubino, OT, CHT: Over Twenty Years Of Expertise

Certified Hand Therapist and Lymphedema Specialist Leah Rubino has worked in the Freehold, NJ area providing therapy services for elbows, wrists and hands for over twenty years. These services have included post-operative care, fracture and tendonitis care, nerve injury treatment, Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome treatment and more.

A leading sports injury specialist, Leah Rubino’s services offer custom made splinting and fitting of pre-fabricated splints. Every patient that visits our center for occupational therapy in NJ is guaranteed one-to-one treatment in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Patients in need of post trauma care can call for a consultation with Advanced Ortho Sports specialists.

Occupational Therapy In NJ: Treating Trauma With Compassion And Skill


AOSMI’s occupational therapy in NJ includes post trauma care for the upper extremities. The certified occupational therapists at Advanced Ortho Sports have undergone a rigorous training program that requires certified hand specialists to stay current in the profession and recertify themselves every five years. Click here to read about some of our physical therapists here at AOSMI.

Specialists (Certified hand therapists) are required to stay abreast of advanced surgical techniques and post-operative programs. Recertification can be earned by acquiring 2,000 hours of work experience, completing 80 hours of professional development or by passing the Hand Therapy Certification Examination. These stringent requirements ensure our patients are receiving care from a professional with a comprehensive knowledge of the intricate anatomy of the upper extremities.

Your Occupational Therapist And You: Working Together For Lasting Recovery

An occupational therapist brings the expertise. You bring the intimate knowledge of your body. Together, you can devise the best treatment plan for your unique injury and lifestyle. Any good hand therapist knows that the patient is the bearer of the most useful information and involves every client in their treatment planning process.

Our certified hand therapists have the clinical expertise to effectively manage any injury or medical condition. We offer our patients the latest technologies, the least invasive treatments and the promise of a caring professional who really listens and adapts to your concerns. At AOSMI, the patient comes first. Call us for a consultation on the best treatment available to provide you with immediate relief and lasting recovery.


To learn more about Occupational Therapy at AOSMI, contact us today.