Joint Replacement Surgery


When your hip, knee or shoulder joints have been damaged beyond repair, joint replacement specialists at AOSMI have the skill, advanced technology and experience to replace them using minimally invasive techniques. Our proficiency in total joint replacement, allows us to get you back up on your feet and moving again quicker, with less pain and scarring.

Our physicians are members of the Total Joint Center of New Jersey at CentraState, an organization established and directed by AOSMI’s Dr. Nasar, and devoted to providing the highest quality of care and a VIP-style experience for joint replacement patients.  The orthopedic surgeons at AOSMI utilize the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques in anesthesia and pain management so that you rapidly recovery with the best possible outcome.

Common Conditions Treated

The most common condition that requires joint replacement surgery is arthritis, a disease that wears out and destroys the smooth cartilage that lines the joints of your body. Your cartilage allows your bones to move smoothly and efficiently, so when it becomes damaged, your joints don’t move as well. The body parts affected most include:

Non-Operative Treatments for Joint Pain

The Joint Replacement Specialists at AOSMI are committed to helping you recover from joint pain using all available options. Non-operative treatments are fully utilized before considering surgery. Non-operative treatments options include:

Common Surgical Procedures

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At AOSMI, we provide minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. This procedure removes the worn cartilage and bone at the ends of diseased joints and replaces it with state-of-the-art prosthetic devices that function smoothly without causing pain. Our team of fellowship-trained joint replacement orthopedic specialists use their combined skill to provide results that can last a lifetime. Joint replacement surgeries include:

At AOSMI, our approach to total joint replacement is focused on restoring you to your previous activity level, minimizing pain and facilitating rapid recovery. With a devoted, professional, highly skilled multidisciplinary team designed to meet your needs, you will progress and recover from surgery rapidly.  To learn more about the Joint Replacement Surgeons at AOSMI, contact us today.