Wrist and Hand Injuries

hand-specialistThe hand, wrist and elbow are intricate areas of the human body that are extremely vulnerable to injury. Without the healthy functioning of these parts, we’re unable to enjoy a wide range of activities – from playing a musical instrument to gardening, playing tennis, everyday work activities, or performing simple tasks at home, such as using a can opener.

Common Conditions Treated

The good news is your care is always in the best hands with AOSMI. Our hand, wrist and elbow doctors can treat everything from unexplained pain to common traumatic injuries and conditions including:

Non-Operative Treatments

At AOSMI, we apply advanced techniques to ensure that whenever possible your condition is treated without surgery. We develop long-range treatment plans and hand-wrist-surgeonphysical therapy to address muscle and joint stress or weakness caused by repetitive motion injuries. Our physicians, including those focused in wrist, hand and elbow pain, and tennis elbow, lead the way in innovative care for hand, wrist and other upper extremity problems.  They continuously utilize the newest and most effective methods of evaluating, treating and rehabilitating our patients without surgery.

Common Surgical Procedures

When surgery is determined necessary, as with trauma, major sports injuries, or wear and tear, common orthopedic procedures include: