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FAST Percutaneous Tenotomy

FAST Percutaneous Tenotomy is a new minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasonic energy for treating chronic tendon disease. Requiring a higher level of treatment than just rest and ice, chronic tendon disease is caused by repetitive motions creating micro tears or tiny breaks in the tendon tissue.

How is this procedure done?

If your doctor determines FAST percutaneous tenotomy is right for you, the doctor will use ultrasound imaging to locate the diseased tissue. After numbing the area, your doctor will make a microincision and insert a small needle. Ultrasonic energy is sent through the needle to break down the diseased tissue.

Benefits of FAST Percutaneous Tenotomy fastpt-tennis-elbow

– localized anesthesia/numbing
– Removes damages tissue with ultrasonic energy
– Procedure takes 20 minutes or less
– You are able to head home after the procedure
– Recovery time is typically 6 weeks or less

Who is a Candidate for FAST Percutaneous Tenotomy?

fastpt-candidateYou may be a candidate for FAST percutaneous tenotomy if you:

– Have chronic pain and been diagnosed with one of the issues listed in the blue box above
– Have been in pain for 3 months or longer
– Have already tried to rest, ice, medications and/or cortisone shots to manage your pain

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