Mako Robotic Surgery for Hip and Knee Replacement

Here at AOSMI, we stay on the cutting edge of orthopedic technology to provide you with the best treatment, helping you live your strongest life. Using Mako robotic surgery, we offer advanced solutions for knee and hip replacements. In 2022, Dr. Michael Greller and Dr. Garret Sobol performed the BEAR (Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration) Implant procedure, the first medical advancement that allows your body to heal its own ACL. Today, we’d like to highlight Dr. Eric Buxbaum, Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Fellowship Trained in Adult Reconstruction, Hip and Knee Arthroplasty – one of our hip and knee orthopedic specialists. He performs total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and total hip replacement surgeries using Mako SmartRobotics, from Stryker, the industry leader in orthopedic technology.

Dr. Buxbaum explains the benefits of Mako robotic surgery: “We now can better personalize the surgery and predict implant sizing options with more accuracy before we even enter the operating room. During surgery, we have another set of checks and balances for greater precision. This technology enables us to achieve results that are as close to perfect as possible for our patients. We’re better matching each patient’s normal anatomy for a more natural feel.”

In addition to Dr. Buxbaum, our team of orthopedic specialists, including Dr. Michael Greller, Dr. Alan Nasar, and Dr. Garret Sobol, routinely use Mako SmartRobotics for surgical interventions.

Partial Knee Replacement: Targeted Relief

If you have osteoarthritis confined to a single compartment of your knee, partial knee replacement might be the solution. This procedure is ideal when only one part of your knee is damaged, preserving as much of your natural knee structure as possible. This procedure is recommended when pain and limited mobility are restricted to a specific area, and conservative treatments haven’t provided relief.

During the surgery, the surgeon removes only the damaged portion of your knee cartilage and replaces it with an implant, allowing for quicker recovery and more natural knee function.

Total Knee Replacement: Restoring Mobility

Total Knee Replacement surgery is for adults with mid-to-late stage osteoarthritis of the knee, which causes the protective cartilage in the knee joint to wear down over time, resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness. This procedure is recommended when severe knee pain hampers daily activities, conservative treatments fail, or joint deformities arise due to injury or illness.

During the surgery, the surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone and place implants strategically to restore knee alignment and function.

Total Hip Replacement: Comprehensive Restoration

You might need a total hip replacement if you suffer from advanced hip osteoarthritis or significant hip joint damage that results in chronic pain and impaired daily activities. Hip osteoarthritis presents distinctive symptoms such as deep pain in the hip, thigh, or groin, that sometimes radiates to the knee and worsens with activities like walking. You might experience stiffness – especially in the morning or after inactivity, reduced range of motion, and a grating sensation when you move your hip. Other signs include muscle weakness, swelling, tenderness, and joint deformities like bone spurs.

During this procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged bone and cartilage in your hip joint with prosthetic components, restoring hip function and relieving pain.

Mako SmartRobotics: Enhancing Precision

Mako robotic surgery uses advanced technology to assist our surgeons. Your orthopedic surgeon directs Mako’s robotic arm throughout the procedure, positioning the implant in your joint. Mako does not perform surgery, make decisions on its own, or move without the surgeon guiding it. Mako also allows your surgeon to make adjustments to your plan during surgery as needed.

The Process Unveiled


  • Scan: We’ll conduct a CT scan of your joint, creating a 3D model.
  • Plan: Using this model, we meticulously plan your surgery, accounting for your bone structure, disease severity, alignment, and surrounding tissue to determine implant specifics.

During Surgery:

  • Your surgeon, using Mako’s robotic arm, removes arthritic bone and cartilage from your joint.
  • AccuStop technology helps your surgeon stay within the boundaries defined in your surgical plan, minimizing excess bone and soft tissue loss.
  • Real-time data from Mako helps adjust the surgical plan based on your joint’s movement and tension.

Advantages of Mako Robotic Surgery

Compared to patients who received manual knee and hip replacement surgery, patients who received Mako SmartRobotics-assisted knee and hip replacements experienced:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduced hospital stays and fewer physical therapy rehabilitation sessions
  • Better bone preservation and less soft tissue damage
  • Improved physical function, improved survivorship, and lower revision rates


Curious if Mako Total Knee, Mako Partial Knee, or Mako Total Hip is right for you? Please reach out to our dedicated orthopedic team. If you are experiencing knee or hip pain, or any of the symptoms explained above, request an appointment today.