Introduction to Knee Arthroscopy

Is Knee Arthoscopy for you? Are you suffering from knee pain? One of the best ways to find the cause of knee pain and render treatment is with arthroscopic surgery, the epitome of minimally invasive knee surgery in orthopedics. During arthroscopic surgery, the surgeon inserts an arthroscope – a tiny camera – into your knee through small incisions. This allows the surgeon to view the inside of the joint and also make corrections using small instruments. Whether the problem involves your cartilage, tendon, ligaments or bone, the top knee surgeons in NJ at AOSMI can treat you with the use of arthroscopic knee surgery.

Skilled orthopedic knee surgeons at AOSMI will determine the cause of your knee pain with a thorough evaluation. We can treat everything from unexplained pain to common injuries and conditions.

Meniscus Tears and Other Common Knee Injuries

Meniscus Tears –Your knee cannot operate normally, causing sharp pain and mechanical symptoms, such as locking, catching or giving way. The most commonly injured part of the knee, the meniscus supports and cushions the knee, allowing it to twist and rotate while centering the knee joint.

Ligament Tears – Common in athletes, ligament tears often result from twisting injuries. The anterior cruciate ligament ACL is important to the stability of the knee, and if torn, it generally doesn’t heal.

Cartilage Injuries – This soft, smooth, slippery layer that coats the ends of the femur, knee and patella forms the knee joint. In adults, cartilage does not have the ability to heal, so if you have a significant cartilage defect, minimally invasive knee surgery arthroscopic surgery can help grow new cartilage and allow the knee to recover. Juvenile cartilage transplant and micro fracture are techniques for generating cartilage via knee arthroscopy.

Treatments for Knee Injuries from NJ Orthopedic Surgeons

As the top NJ orthopedic surgeons, AOSMI applies advanced techniques to ensure that, when possible, your condition is diagnosed without the need for knee surgery. We develop long-range plans of treatment and physical therapy to address pain or weakness. Our physicians continuously discover new and more effective methods of evaluating, treating and rehabilitating our patients without surgery. When surgery is determined necessary, as with trauma or major sports injuries, common procedures include:

Knee Meniscus Tear Treatment / Surgery  – Knee meniscus tear treatment involves repair or partial resection. If the meniscus is healthy and has a high chance of healing, the meniscus can be repaired with sutures or suture anchors. If the meniscus is degenerative or is in an area that is unlikely to heal, the best treatment is to remove the torn edge.

Knee Cartilage and Knee Ligament Repair/Reconstruction – If you have a ligament or cartilage tear, this is often the only way to restore stability to the knee and allow athletes to return to play. ACL reconstruction is usually performed with a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique.

Juvenile Cartilage Transplant and Micro Fracture – If you have a significant cartilage defect, minimally invasive knee surgery via knee arthroscopy can help grow new cartilage and allow your knee to recover.


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