Wound Care For Chronic and Non-Healing Wounds

Effective Wound Care for chronic and non-healing wounds is crucial to improving the quality of life for the nearly seven million Americans who suffer from persistent wounds. Chronic wounds are sores or wounds that haven’t shown improvement through conventional treatments and persist for upwards of three weeks. These can affect the quality of life you experience while putting you at risk for serious conditions later in life. The wound care specialists at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute are dedicated to educating patients in preventative practices, treating current wounds, and eliminating risks of potential complications. Through a multi-disciplinary team approach, AOSMI creates custom treatment plans for each patient. Call us at (732) 720-2556 to learn more.

Wound Care Specialists: Education and Treatment For Patients

The wound care specialists at AOSMI are committed to providing patients with the education they need to prevent chronic conditions while providing treatment to heal current wounds. Common causes of non-healing wounds are poor blood supply, poorly functioning veins, reaction to radiation, trauma, and prolonged immobilization from a cast or brace. For patients with diabetes, vascular disease and nerve disorders, preventative medicine is vital. Our specialists will educate you in the best preventative strategies while using innovative techniques to treat any current wounds before they turn into bone and tissue infections. Patients concerned about a persistent wound should call today for a consultation with one of our experts.

Wound Care Treatments From AOSMI

Wound care treatment at AOSMI is a complex process, influenced by a number of medical factors. Our wound care specialists employ a multi-disciplinary, team based approach that utilizes a number of different diagnostic modalities, customized patient treatment plans, patient focused evaluation and progress reports and evidence based clinical modalities to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible. Our goal is to treat your wounds with minimal complications. We aim to nearly eliminate the need for surgical interventions. Our team utilizes medical specialties such as podiatry, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology and hyperbarics to bring you a custom plan. Stop living with chronic wound pain today. Call Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute at (732) 720-2555 to schedule your consultation.