Spine Care


Most people will experience minor back problems and pain at one time or another.

Whether you have a disc problem, spinal stenosis or a lumbar strain, you’ll get the best possible care from the board-certified New Jersey spine specialists at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute.

Your risk of back pain increases as you age, if you have a family history of back pain, sit for long periods, lift heavy objects or have a degenerative disease, such as osteoporosis. Although most back problems occur in adults aged 20 to 50, if they occur in children under the age of 20 or in adults over the age of 50, they’re more likely to have a serious cause. Symptoms may begin gradually, and occur most often from improper movement or posture while lifting, standing, walking, sitting, or even sleeping. The pain often goes away within four weeks without treatment. If your pain is severe or lasts longer, and you think you require a spine surgeon, the specialists at AOSMI of NJ can provide immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Common Conditions Treated

The most common conditions that cause back pain and may require spinal care include:

  • Sudden (acute) injuries
    • An injury to the muscles or ligaments in the back such as a sprain
    • A fracture or dislocation of the spine, which may lead to permanent paralysis
    • A torn or ruptured disc (herniated disc)
    • Compression of the nerves in the lower back (cauda equina syndrome)
  • Chronic Diseases
    • Spinal Stenosis – The joints of the spine become enlarged and the spinal nerves can be compressed
    • Spondylosis – Inflammation and arthritis of the joints in the spine
    • Spondylolisthesis – Slipping of one spinal bone over another, usually can be caused by degeneration
    • Degenerative Disc Disease – The discs become dry and shrink, and the edges of the bones rub on one another
  • Overuse Injuries
    • Often caused by using poor body mechanics while lifting or working in an uncomfortable position for extended periods of time. This leads to degeneration, muscle spasm and pain.

Non-Operative Treatments


Whether you’ve had a back problem for some time or just started experiencing back pain, spine specialists at AOSMI can help you find the cause and get you on the road to recovery – often the same day. Most back pain can be relieved without the need for invasive treatment or surgery. We offer swift, accurate diagnosis and immediate pain management. Your team of specialists will explore all avenues of spine injury treatment before recommending surgery to treat your back pain. Some of these non-surgical options are:

Common Surgical Procedures

We treat degenerative diseases of cervical and lumbar spine, tumors, fractures, infections, and scoliosis. Our spine surgeons have extensive experience in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery and motion preserving spine surgery. Here is a list of common procedures performed at the AOSMI Spine Center. Come in for a consultation to find out what treatments are appropriate for you.

  • Microdiskectomy – Remove damaged disk through tiny incisions
  • Microlaminectomy – Open up area compressing spinal cord
  • Microforaminotomy – Open up area around compressed nerves
  • Endoscopic Diskectomy – Remove damaged disk through tiny incisions
  • Minimally Invasive Fusion – Cause segments of the spine to bond together, eliminating pain
  • Disk Replacement – Replacement of damaged disk with artificial joint
  • Surgical Treatment of Chronic Pain – Nerve stimulators
  • Laser Spine Surgery – Remove damaged tissue through tiny incisions
  • Kyphoplasty – Minimally invasive procedure that supports a spine fracture with bone cement