Foot Injuries

Hairline Fracture - Ankle

With 26 small joints to consider, versus a single joint as in the hip and knee, the foot and ankle is a fascinating group of structures. This can create a multitude of clinical issues and concerns that presents a complicated clinical picture. When these structures are functioning in a normal and healthy manner we are often unaware of their existence, however when a problem does arise these structures can be quite painful and often debilitating. The physicians and surgeons at AOSMI are specifically trained in managing these conditions in this complicated and elegant structure.

Common Conditions Treated

An orthopedic foot and ankle doctor tends to see the following conditions in people who are physically active but pregnant women, diabetics and others suffering disease can also experience:

  • Athletic injuries including stress fractures and ankle instability
  • Sprains of the foot and ankle, tendon problems, sprains and strains, and shin splints
  • Anterior impingement (footballer’s ankle)
  • Posterior impingement
  • Cartilage damage and arthritis
  • Achilles tendonitis and ruptures
  • Difficult lower extremity fractures
  • Joint replacements in the foot and ankle
  • Congenital or acquired foot deformities including, flat foot, high arches, bunions, and hammer toes
  • Limb salvage, prevention of amputation, wound healing, diabetic foot problems, and infection management

Non-Operative Treatments

Many problems can be treated without invasive surgical procedures. Non-operative foot and Foot Pain Xrayankle treatments offered by AOSMI include:

  • Bracing
  • Wound Healing
  • Medication Management
  • Strengthening and flexibility exercises in our state-of-the-art Physical Therapy center, holistic treatments, and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Injection Treatments including orthobiologics, Steroids, and Joint Fluid Replacement
  • Damage Tissue Regeneration – EPAT

Common Surgical Procedures

Once we have exhausted all conservative treatments, surgical intervention may then be considered. Dr. Alison DeWaters, board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, will develop the appropriate surgical plan. Dr. DeWaters has extensive training and experience in complete foot and ankle care; including complex reconstructive surgery , diabetic reconstruction, total ankle replacement, arthroscopic procedures, and management of lower extremity trauma. Following surgery we utilize the latest medications, bracing techniques, physical therapy, and orthotics to ensure an optimal recovery.

Together with each orthopedic surgeon at AOSMI, Dr. DeWaters strives to help return all her patients back to full activity, while providing the best medical and surgical foot and ankle care.