Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care

Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care is a complex process that requires the assistance of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals. The specialists at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute and the Foot and Ankle Institute have undergone the necessary training to be able to play a crucial role in the prevention and management of complications associated with diabetes, especially as they relate to the lower extremities. We understand that patient education and preventative medicine are of paramount importance, as well as the identification and proper management of any wound resulting from chronic illness. At Advanced Orthopedics, we utilize a team approach and focus on evidence-based medicine that has been proven effective. Call us to speak to a specialist today.

Diabetic Foot: Prevention and Treatment

Diabetic foot is a condition common to diabetes. The disease affects multiple body systems, including those that are intimately involved with the lower extremities. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes can develop a range of pathology that includes nerve damage, circulation disorders, and skin and nail disorders. A simple cut or blister can evolve into a significant infection that has the ability to affect diabetic foot care treatment options and the patient’s quality of life. When it comes to managing the disorder, prevention and treatment are of equal importance. Learning how prevent the onset of the disease is the best bet, and is best achieved through education. Our team of professionals works with you to prevent diabetes from taking hold of your body and will guide you through a thorough treatment process when and if the disease is diagnoses.

Diabetes Management Through Education

Successful Diabetes management is best achieved through a combination of extensive education and thorough, continuous treatment. Dr. Alison DeWaters, AOSMI board-certified physician specializing in foot and ankle care, along with other orthopedic specialists at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute and the Foot and Ankle Institute are dedicated to providing our patients with the educational resources they need to stay on top of their illness and avoid complications. Our team will guide you in diet, exercise and treatment options. Our team approach focuses on proven methods and the collective good that comes from working as a unit. During regular exams, your diabetic foot specialist will educate you on how to treat your disorder and improve your quality of life at the same time. Our holistic approach has helped hundreds move past the debilitating effects of Diabetes. Call us today to get back to your normal lifestyle.


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