NJ Urgent Care

Urgent CareAOSMI is dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective service to our patients. We specialize in the treatment of urgent musculoskeletal injuries. Instead of heading to the Emergency Department, consider calling our office at 732-720-2555 to make an urgent appointment. We can usually see you the same day.

Advantages of seeking urgent care at AOSMI:

  • On-Site Digital X-Rays
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists will evaluate you and review your x-rays resulting in immediate treatment decisions such as casting/splinting or surgical scheduling if necessary
  • We specialize in both pediatric and adult injuries
  • Multispecialty Orthopedic Care – virtually any urgent matter can be treated with our in-house specialists
  • On-site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Massage Therapy – If appropriate, your rehabilitation can start immediately

We specialize in both pediatric and adult fracture care. Our focus is on making a timely, accurate diagnosis and beginning treatment immediately. Most injuries can be treated with splinting, casting, or bracing. These treatments can be fabricated immediately. If surgery is necessary, rest assured that our orthopedic specialists will recommend the most appropriate, least invasive intervention that is customized for your injury and activity level. Our practice employs some of the foremost New Jersey orthopedic surgeons: talented, highly qualified, and committed to optimal health and peace of mind for every patient.

Pediatric Fracture care is one of the most rewarding aspects of orthopedic practice.  We have colored casting material, cast tattoos, and glitter to brighten the experience for your injured child. We want your little one to feel special and take their mind off their injury.