Patient Education


The physicians of AOSMI believe that patient education is an important part of providing exceptional musculoskeletal care. We have organized a comprehensive multimedia library so that our patients can learn about important health related issues in a variety of formats.



Blog / Article Center
Collection of articles authored by AOSMI doctors regarding common musculoskeletal issues including wellness, injuries, and treatments.

Orthopedic Library
Detailed patient information on over 100 orthopedic topics including injuries, diseases, and surgical procedures. Full color illustrations help explain the anatomy.  Printable booklets can be downloaded for each topic.


Surgery Videos
Videos compiled from actual surgical cases showing common orthopedic procedures performed by our surgeons.


Surgery Animation Videos
Collection of narrated animations providing detailed anatomic information regarding many common orthopedic diseases and surgical treatments. The surgery animations show how the surgery is performed in a step-by-step fashion. Printable diagrams can be downloaded.




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