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Staying Cool Outdoors this Summer
Summer: it’s the best time of the year to get outside and be active. Kids are out of school, cold and flu season is a distant memory, and thanks to the long days, the sunshine is practically endless. Good weather more »

Summer and Social Networking
Sometimes in the winter it can feel like the days are too short to even bother going out in the evenings. And getting up early to do something fun in frigid temperatures? Forget it! When summer finally reaches its warm more »

Tips For Dealing With Arthritis During the Summer
For most people, summer means picnics on the beach, pool parties, and days spent enjoying the great outdoors. For those suffering from arthritis, summer can mean increased symptoms and the need for a higher level of vigilance and protection. New more »

Staying Safe with Summer Sports
How can you avoid injury and still get the most out of the summer? Summer sports are All-American favorites: baseball, tennis, swimming, softball, soccer, cycling, ultimate frisbee, surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, beach volleyball, archery, windsurfing, polo, golf, running, and more! more »

The Importance of Staying Active In Retirement
Retirement gets a reputation as the time for sitting back, relaxing, and reflecting on a life well lived. While it is the perfect time for all those activities, be careful not to drift into a sedentary lifestyle. When it comes more »

The Weekend Warrior – Prevent Injuries Before They Occur
Summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventures. Hiking, running, golfing, swimming and playing baseball are just some of the great activities to partake in while the weather is nice. Even if you are only participating in a one-day event, more »

Cartilage Injury and Regeneration
A common condition in the United States, joint pain can be a serious hindrance to athletic activity as well as everyday life. An estimated two million American experience joint pain associated with cartilage injuries each year. Cartilage injuries can be more »

How to Prevent Orthopedic Injuries
Quick quiz! What’s the most important system in the body in terms of physical well-being? If you said muscles, you aren’t too far off. In fact, it’s the entire orthopedic system, which consists of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and more »

Taking Care of Your Shoulders
Shoulder injuries are some of the most common reasons patients seek out help from orthopedic specialists. While many shoulder injuries seem to appear without an apparent cause, athletes who participate in sports with repetitive shoulder movements, such as pitching in more »

Orthopedics and the Mature Adult: What to Know
An orthopedic specialist treats patients at any stage in their lives, and is particularly familiar with the common injuries and issues associated with active mature patients. What kind of injuries should mature adults be on the lookout for, and what more »

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