Treatment for Labral Tears in Freehold & Monroe Township, NJ

Labral Tears Freehold NJ

The labral is a rim of cartilage that lines and supports the ball and socket joint of the shoulder, along with the rotator cuff tendons and muscles. It significantly contributes to shoulder stability and, when torn, can lead to a partial or complete shoulder dislocation.

The two most common labral tears are SLAP (superior labrum from anterior to posterior) tears and Bankart tears. SLAP tears occur at the front of the upper arm where the biceps tendon connects to the shoulder, while Bankart tears occur when the head of the humerus shifts toward the front or the back of the body. These tears typically occur in athletes and those who experience trauma, such as falling down a flight of stairs. They can also occur in older adults whose cartilage has become fragile during the normal aging process.

Symptoms of Labral Tears

Both types of labral tears usually cause aching pain in the shoulder, as well as difficulty performing normal shoulder movements. Those with SLAP tears may feel pain at the front of the shoulder near the biceps tendon, while patients with Bankart tears may feel that their shoulder is slipping out of place in certain positions.

AOSMI Treatment Methods

If you are suffering from a labral tear and want to feel better, faster, consider turning to the professionals at the Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute. We have two facilities in New Jersey – one in Freehold and another in Monroe Township – where we offer personalized and effective treatments for orthopedic injuries and conditions.

When treating labral tears, our board-certified professionals typically begin by using conservative options, such as injections, physical therapy, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. If noninvasive methods are insufficient, our fellowship-trained surgeons can also perform a variety of minimally invasive surgical treatments to help ease shoulder pain and restore mobility.

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