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Improving Posture: A Few Simple Steps
Poor posture has many detrimental effects on the body. Individuals often experience chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, digestive issues, stiffness, and fatigue.  Poor posture can also lead to nerve compression, muscle atrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica. more »

Dear Dr. Cozzarelli, Thank you for taking care of me when my neck hurt. It feels much better now. I hope you have a very good summer! From Anna

Spring Sports and Your Spine
Soccer, softball, walking, baseball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, running, skateboarding, rugby, and equestrian sports all swing back into life as soon as it gets warm in the spring, often before the leaves are even fully out on the trees. It can more »

Stay Healthy in the Workplace
orthopedic specialists
Many professionals in the workforce today do not have jobs that seem immediately hazardous to an employee’s health. While there are workers who spend entire workdays on their feet or regularly enter dangerous situations to complete required workplace tasks, most more »

Neck Cramp? No Problem! These 3 Remedies Will Have You Feeling Better in No Time at All
You are just going about your day and then it happens: your neck starts cramping up and you can’t even look to the side without feeling pain. In order to find out the true origination of your neck cramps, you more »

5 Things You Should Know about Herniated Discs in the Neck
1. What is a herniated disc? Your spine is made up of 33 vertebrae (or bones) that are stacked on top of each other. A cushion-like piece of cartilage called an “intervertebral disc” lies between each vertebra.  Think of the more »

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