Stay Healthy in the Workplace

orthopedic specialistsMany professionals in the workforce today do not have jobs that seem immediately hazardous to an employee’s health. While there are workers who spend entire workdays on their feet or regularly enter dangerous situations to complete required workplace tasks, most modern staff members might not imagine that their working conditions could affect their health. It may come as a surprise, but a sedentary job at which an employee spends most of his or her time seated at a desk or computer keyboard can be a health risk all its own. While it won’t generally present an immediate hazard like a more active job, a desk job can place strain on a worker’s back, neck, shoulders, and wrists, presenting a range of complications that must be identified and managed for optimal health.

At AOSMI, we provide physical therapy not only for athletes, but also for workers facing issues related to a demanding office job. Our staff includes specialists in occupational therapy and overall wellness as well as highly qualified surgeons who can help patients resolve more intensive health issues. In addition to the direct help we offer through visits to our practice, we share informative health resources online, here on the blog and in our Orthopedics Library. Read more online or contact us today to find out the risks of an office job and the best ways to manage and treat any related conditions.