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Spring Sports and Your Spine
Soccer, softball, walking, baseball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, running, skateboarding, rugby, and equestrian sports all swing back into life as soon as it gets warm in the spring, often before the leaves are even fully out on the trees. It can more »

Marathon Training: On The Move With A Mission
Running a marathon is an incredible undertaking requiring discipline, passion, and lots and lots of preparation. For all the hard work that goes into preparing your body to run a marathon, the sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish more »

Hiking Safety 101
Walking on the treadmill in the gym, confined to the indoors, can get boring very fast. In order to make exercise a habit, it has to be enjoyable and fun. Hiking is a fantastic way to increase cardiovascular exercise while more »

Simple Movements To Relieve Body Pain
Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or are simply experiencing the annoyances of physical pain from the daily grind of day to day living, there are a few simple movements you can try to help relieve your pain. As more »

Non-Operative Treatments for Spine and Back Problems
Leading an active lifestyle has many health benefits, but it does carry one major risk–injury. The most common injuries sustained during physical activity are to the back and neck. Many people assume they will need extensive, painful surgery to return more »

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