Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement for Residents of Freehold & Monroe Township, NJ

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Freehold NJIn general, conventional total shoulder replacement is a successful procedure that helps thousands of patients with shoulder arthritis regain their mobility and find relief from their pain. However, for patients with extensive rotator cuff tears who have developed a complex form of shoulder arthritis called “cuff tear arthropathy,” conventional total shoulder replacement therapy may do the opposite of what it was intended, resulting in pain and limited motion. In these instances, reverse total shoulder replacement may be needed, and the board-certified surgeons at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Freehold and Monroe Township, New Jersey, are well adept at performing this procedure.

What Is Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement?

A conventional total shoulder replacement involves fitting a plastic “cup” into the shoulder socket and attaching a metal “ball to the top of the upper arm bone (humerus). In reverse total shoulder replacement, the socket and metal ball are switched; the metal ball is affixed to the shoulder socket and the plastic cup is affixed to the upper end of the humerus. This works better for those with cuff tear atrophy because it allows muscles, such as the deltoid, to do the work of the damaged rotator cuff tendons, which are relied upon to help the arm function after a conventional total shoulder replacement is performed on someone without cuff tear atrophy.

After Surgery

After reverse total shoulder replacement surgery, which typically takes about two hours, patients are usually able to go home on the second or third day of recovery. Upon leaving the hospital, your arm will likely be in a sling, and you may be instructed to perform gentle range-of-motion exercises and physical therapy for several weeks to increase your mobility and endurance. After rehabilitation, you should feel significant pain relief, and will likely be able to lift your arm to just above your shoulder height and bend your elbow to reach the top of your head, or things above you, such as kitchen cabinets.

If you would like to learn more about reverse total shoulder replacement surgery, contact Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute today. We would be happy to schedule your appointment at our facility in Freehold or Monroe Township, NJ.