Hand and Wrist Bursitis Treatment in Freehold and Monroe Township, NJ

Hand and Wrist Bursitis Freehold NJBursitis develops when a bursa becomes inflamed and swollen. Found near the joints in the hands and wrists—and throughout the rest of the body—bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions between soft tissues and bones, helping to reduce friction during movement. Bursae can become inflamed through repetitive strain or a sudden impact. Bursitis is particularly common among individuals who regularly support weight with their hands and wrists, such as cyclists.

The most common symptom of hand and wrist bursitis is pain, which typically worsens during weight-bearing activities and whenever the wrist is bent backward (extended). At the top of the wrist, swelling or a small lump may form, which may feel tender and warm to the touch.

Bursitis pain is often comparable to arthritis pain. However, while arthritis tends to develop very gradually, bursitis usually strikes suddenly.

How Is Hand and Wrist Bursitis Treated?

Some potentially effective treatment options for hand and wrist bursitis include:

  • Rest and activity modifications
  • Ice pack applications
  • A compression sleeve or bandage
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Ultrasound therapy

Because a swollen bursa can potentially press against nearby structures, such as nerves and blood vessels, or may even rupture, aspiration may be considered. During this in-office procedure, a physician inserts a needle through the skin and into the inflamed bursa, then draws out the excess fluid. It is important to note that if the activities that caused or contributed to the development of the bursitis are continued, the inflammation may return.

After an inflamed bursa is aspirated, physical therapy may be recommended to facilitate recovery and help prevent recurrence and future injuries. A physician or physical therapist can suggest specific exercises to restore function to the joint near the affected bursa and strengthen the muscles that support the joint.

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