The Power of Interventional Pain Management for Athletes

In the realm of sports, every athlete knows that injuries are an inevitable part of the journey. Sometimes they can push through the pain, but for more serious pain, they may benefit from treatment from an interventional pain management doctor. Effective pain management for athletes is crucial to unlocking their full potential.


How Can Athletes Benefit from Interventional Pain Management Doctors?

Interventional pain management procedures are minimally invasive treatment options that target the root cause of pain. By directly addressing the source, athletes can experience not only relief but also significant improvements in overall function and performance. At AOSMI, we have a team of pain medicine doctors who are committed to helping athletes manage their pain, so they are equipped to compete at the highest level – our team consists of Dr. John GeorgyDr. Ali Valimahomed, and Dr. Thomas Del Guercio. 


Through comprehensive interventional pain management treatment, we can help you with the full spectrum of sports injuries – chronic conditions, such as chronic tendinopathy, nerve impingements, and arthritis, as well as acute injuries such as strains, ligament injuries, and fractures

Common Interventional Pain Management Procedures


Joint InjectionsJoint injections deliver targeted relief by introducing anti-inflammatory medications directly into affected joints. This minimally invasive procedure effectively reduces pain and inflammation, promoting improved joint function. Whether it’s a joint affected by wear and tear or an acute injury, joint injections can be a game-changer for athletes.


Nerve Blocks – For localized pain relief, nerve blocks involve the injection of anesthetic agents to specific nerves transmitting pain signals. This precise procedure provides targeted relief, allowing athletes to focus on their goals without being hindered by pain.


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) InjectionsPRP injections harness the body’s natural healing abilities by using the patient’s own blood components. Athletes benefit from the regenerative properties of PRP, promoting natural healing and minimizing recovery time. Whether it’s a tendon injury or a muscle strain, PRP injections support the body’s healing processes.


Radiofrequency Ablation – Radiofrequency ablation utilizes heat to disrupt nerve signals, providing long-lasting pain relief. This procedure is particularly effective for managing chronic pain conditions and enhancing overall functional capacity. Athletes dealing with persistent pain can find significant relief through radiofrequency ablation.


Comprehensive Pain Treatment Options – In addition, to these standard interventional pain treatments for our athletes, we offer comprehensive advanced treatment solutions, including:

  • Spinal cord stimulation to help treat chronic back pain and leg pain after or before spine surgery
  • Kyphoplasty to help treat broken back bones
  • Same day minimally invasive percutaneous spinal decompression surgeries for spinal stenosis and disc herniations
  • Injections for degenerative discs
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation to help treat pain which is chronic at joints or nerves
  • Minimally invasive percutaneous sacroiliac joint fusion surgeries for chronic sacroiliac (SI) joint pain
  • Intrathecal pain pump for chronic pain/cancer pain/spasticity
  • Injections to treat chronic migraines and headaches

Benefits of Interventional Pain Management for for Athletes


At AOSMI, interventional pain management isn’t just about managing pain; it’s about empowering our athletes to achieve more.


  • Expedited Recovery – Interventional pain management expedites recovery, minimizing downtime and allowing athletes to get back to their active lifestyles sooner. By targeting pain directly, these procedures facilitate a quicker return to training and competition.


  • Enhanced Performance – Optimizing physical function is at the core of interventional pain management’s impact on athletic performance. By addressing pain and discomfort, athletes experience an environment conducive to reaching peak levels of physical capability. Many athletes report improved mental focus – when pain isn’t a distraction, they can focus on improving their craft. 


AOSMI is your partner in achieving more as an athlete. Our team of interventional pain management doctors offer personalized solutions to address your unique needs. If you’re dealing with any type of sports injury, please request an appointment today