Baseball: America’s Most Dangerous Pastime?


Baseball is as American as apple pie. The ubiquity of the game overshadows the injuries, sometimes serious, that can happen to any player, no matter how competitive the league. Although not as publicized as the dangers of playing football or other contact sports, baseball has its own inherent risks. We’re going to look at the most common types of injuries and what types of recoveries may be involved.

Most Common Injuries

Generally, the incidence of injury for a casual player is small. However, of the injuries that do occur, roughly 45% were to the upper body or limbs, and about 30% were to the lower body or limbs. Positions that tend to be injured the most are pitchers, followed by batters and runners, then middle infielders and third basemen.  Professional ballplayers are less likely to be injured overall, but the injuries tend to be more serious, often requiring long rehabilitation or even necessitating retirement.

Most Frequent Injuries

Repetitive use injuries to the shoulder and elbow, muscle pulls, contusions, ligament injuries, black eyes, concussions, and lacerations. These can range from the minor–requiring only rest to heal fully–to joint damage requiring replacement or shoulder surgery.  Strains, sprains, and tears can also require an orthopedic specialist’s intervention to recover properly.  Because of the intense practice many players put in, knowledge and coaching can make the difference between proper form and an injury waiting to happen.

Recovering from an Injury

Even if a baseball injury doesn’t need surgical correction, an orthopedic specialist may be able to speed up or improve healing time through physical therapy and related treatment modalities. The good news is that, with proper care, warmups, safe equipment, and reasonable precautions, baseball can be a fun and healthy activity to enjoy with friends.

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