Camping Safety: What You Need To Know


It’s camping season! If you and your family and friends are planning on scheduling an adventure designed to explore and enjoy the outdoors while spending quality time with your loved ones, there are a few safety tips you should know about. Between the hiking, campfire cooking, and swimming involved in these outings, orthopedic specialists urge you to take the needed precautions to keep everyone safe. If you do suffer a non-life-threatening injury on your camping adventure, call a sports medicine specialist as soon as you return to get prompt treatment.

What You Need To Know About Camping Safety:

  • Bring The Right Gear: Hiking, swimming, biking, and climbing are fantastic ways to enjoy your camping adventure. Be sure to stay safe and avoid a sports injury by bringing the right protective gear for everyone participating. This includes bike and climbing helmets, proper swim gear, sunblock and sun-protective clothing, sturdy and supportive shoes, etc.
  • Night time safety: being out in the wilderness, away from electricity and street lights can cause some problems for those who are not used to it. Be sure to pack a flashlight and always wear protective footwear when walking around at night. There are many natural and manmade things that you can bump, stub, trip over or cut your foot on.
  • Food and Water: This seems obvious but bringing safe food and water is crucial to keeping your body up and running throughout the trip. Don’t count on there being available water sources (even if the website or brochure tells you there will be). Bring your own bottled water in an insulated cooler. Package food ahead of time in ziplock bags or sealed containers and keep these food items stored in an insulated container between meals. Remember to keep all food and trash locked and secured away to prevent a run in with unwanted wildlife. Also, one tip most people overlook is to bring a meat thermometer. Undercooked meat can lead to a host of illnesses.
  • Water Safety: There are some swim safety basics your family should understand before heading out into the great outdoors. First and foremost, never swim alone! Always have a buddy with you. Second, if you’re heading out on a boat, always wear a lifejacket. If possible, you should take a swim class at your local YMCA or gym prior to going camping. This will help strengthen the muscles you use while swimming and help keep you from harm when in the water. Lastly, shower before and after every trip into the water to prevent bacteria that can cause illnesses from lingering on your skin and getting into your system.
  • Wildlife Safety: The great outdoors are home to a number of animals. Most of the time these prowlers are not out to injure you or your family. That said, there are a few key steps you can take to avoid a run-in with a wild animal. Keep all food locked and secured away from wildlife. Same goes for trash bins. Never travel away from your campsite alone. Carry a first aid kit and speak with the camping ground staff before heading out to discuss animal safety specific to your campsite.

At AOSMI, we wish you safe adventuring! If you do return with a nagging pain or injury, request an appointment immediately to have it looked at by an orthopedic specialist and treated before your next adventure.

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