3 Tips for Staying Safe on the Court This Season

March Madness is in full swing, and professional and amateur basketball players alike are shining on the court. Unfortunately, their love for the game also puts them at risk for a sports injury. Common injuries basketball players experience include sprains and sprains, especially to the hands and wrists, knees, and low back. Injuries result from falls, impact with the ball, and impact with other players. Basketball players also often experience repetitive stress injuries


Whether you are part of a basketball team or just enjoy shooting hoops with friends and family, the following safety precautions will help you to 10947862_lavoid a basketball-related injury.


  1. Get The Right Gear. If you want to bring your A-game and do it safely, be sure to invest in appropriate footwear for the basketball court. Ensure that your basketball shoes provide ankle support, are the right size, and are securely tied throughout the game.
  2. Warm Up. Before the game, be sure to get blood pumping to the areas of your body that will be active during the game. This means arms, wrists, knees, and low back. Start by running in place and then move into some dynamic stretching. After, practice dribbling and shooting in a slow and controlled fashion to target the specific muscles and joints you will be engaging in the game.
  3. Stay In Shape. You may only get on the court during basketball season, but it is important for your safety as much as for your skills to stay in shape year round by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. Off-court activity can give you a big on-court advantage.


Basketball is a fun way to exercise and be a part of a team. Still, an injury on the court can be avoided by taking precautions like these. If you are experiencing pain after a basketball injury, request an appointment with Advanced Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute today. An orthopedic specialist at our office will assess your condition and treatment needs to get you back to optimal functioning and back in the game as soon as possible.