Conditions Treated with Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery can now cure previously untreatable shoulder conditions. With major advances in this field in the last decade, a shoulder surgery specialist can now successfully diagnose and treat a variety of shoulder injuries and conditions with this minimally invasive procedure. Shoulder specialists at NJ AOSMI will access the inside of your shoulder joint through tiny incisions to inspect, diagnose and repair problems inside a joint.

As with any injury, it’s important to determine exactly what structures are involved and how severe your injury is. Often shoulder instability can be caused by dislocation as well as other ailments such as cartilage lesions within the shoulder, loose bodies, or infection. Orthopedic surgeons at NJ AOSMI treat the following conditions most often:

Rotator cuff tears – The rotator cuff is the most important structure involved in lifting and using the arm for overhead activity. Painful and debilitating, rotator cuff tears do not heal on their own in many cases.

Labral tears – The labrum encircles the shoulder joint, providing stability, and attaches to the biceps tendon. When injured, either by shoulder dislocation or another injury, a labral tear will cause pain and difficulty with activities such as throwing or reaching your arm. If the labral tear involves the biceps tendon, it’s called a slap tear. Labral tears are unlikely to heal on their own.

Non-operative Treatments for Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury specialists at NJ AOSMI offer a coordinated program for diagnosis, evaluation, non-operative treatment and education. Many shoulder injuries are best managed with non-operative treatments including rehabilitative care and ancillary treatments. With our onsite physical therapy center, a shoulder surgery specialist will provide a closely coordinated program of medical care and rehabilitation aimed at getting you back in action.

Shoulder Surgery Options

Specializing in arthroscopic treatment, shoulder surgery from the orthopedic surgeons at AOSMI offers you the best corrective surgery for your injury. When surgery is determined necessary, the typical procedures include:

Rotator cuff tear repair – Shoulder arthroscopy surgery allows our shoulder surgery specialists to reattach the torn edges of the rotator cuff to the bone with the use of sutures and suture anchors. Rotator cuff surgery has a high success rate when it comes to rotator cuff treatment options, allowing athletes and non-athletes to return to their sports and professional activities.

Labor tear repair – Due to advances in arthroscopic shoulder surgery, labral tears can now be repaired with the use of suture anchors. This allows the labrum to heal back to the bone where it belongs. After a successful labral repair, you can return to full activity level.


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