Laser Spine Surgery – An Innovative Technique Performed in Freehold & Monroe Township, NJ

Laser Spine Surgery Freehold NJ

For decades, spine surgeons have been utilizing laser technology along with other surgical tools to assist with the treatment of certain spine conditions, such as herniated discs. Contrary to popular belief, laser spine surgery is not a specific type of procedure. Instead, a laser is a device that a surgeon may use when performing spinal decompression surgery to remove soft tissue that is pressing on a spinal nerve root or otherwise causing back pain.

How Does Laser Spine Surgery Work?

Using an innovative laser device to generate a focused beam of light, a surgeon can create heat to vaporize problematic soft tissue, such as herniated disc material or a fibrous adhesion (scar tissue) that develops after an injury. This highly precise technique allows the surgeon to alleviate spinal nerve compression by shrinking or removing the source of the pressure.

A surgeon may choose to utilize laser technology during either a traditional open spine procedure or a minimally invasive spine procedure. However, laser technology is more frequently used during minimally invasive surgery because the surgeon can precisely focus the beam of light with the assistance of the magnified, camera-assisted view of the surgical site.

Although a laser can be a useful tool for a spine surgeon, its application is limited. For instance, laser spine surgery is not effective for removing a large amount of herniated disc material, resecting a large bone spur, or stabilizing a vertebral fracture.

What Is the Right Treatment for Your Back Pain?

Now that you know laser spine surgery is not an actual procedure and that a laser is simply one of many tools a surgeon may utilize when performing spine surgery, you may be interested in exploring your treatment options for back pain. The experienced team of spine specialists at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI) can help. Contact AOSMI to request a consultation with a spine surgeon at our state-of-the-art facility in Freehold or Monroe Township, NJ.