Podiatry Urgent Care Services Provided for Patients in New Jersey

You are in need of urgent care for a fractured foot, ankle or foot sprain, or another non-life threating foot or ankle condition. Where do you turn for immediate podiatry care services? You could visit the hospital emergency room, but you are likely to encounter a long wait and an exorbitant bill at the end of your stay. Instead, consider visiting Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI). We are proud to be both a specialty orthopedic office and a podiatry urgent care facility, serving both adults and children in New Jersey. We offer same-day appointments to address foot and ankle injuries, and our exceptional doctors will make sure that your condition is treated as effectively and efficiently as possible so that you can return to your daily life.

Why Seek Podiatry Urgent Care Services at AOSMI?

There are many reasons why AOSMI is the best medical center in New Jersey to visit when you are in need of urgent care for a foot or ankle condition. For example:

  • We offer diagnostics onsite, including digital X-rays, so that patients can receive all of the care that they need under one roof.
  • We promote close doctor-patient relationships, allowing patients to feel comfortable with their care.
  • We are home to a state-of-the-art physical therapy center that offers strength training, flexibility, balance training, and alternative medicine to assist those that may need rehabilitation therapy.

Treatment for Your Foot Condition

Here at AOSMI, a conservative approach is often our first approach when it comes to treatment of foot and ankle injuries. We offer splinting, bracing, casting, and other forms of conservative treatment onsite to promote fast and efficient healing. However, sometimes, conservative treatment is not enough to fully treat the condition. That is why we also have board-certified foot and ankle surgeons on staff who can recommend the most appropriate surgical intervention that will get you feeling better faster.

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