Wellness Clinic Freehold

Cutting-Edge Science Meets Ancient Wisdom at Our Wellness Clinic in Freehold, NJ At Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute’s wellness clinic in Freehold, New Jersey, we believe that people can function at their highest levels when they have a healthy connection between their minds and bodies. This involves finding a balance between being physically fit, maintaining proper nutrition, managing pain, more »

Orthopedic Wellness: Preparing for Gym Activity

It’s time for spring cleaning, and perhaps you’ve noticed that carrying boxes and scrubbing the floors leaves you more fatigued and achy than you remember? Maybe you’ve simply decided that you want to start taking a more proactive approach to total wellness by working out. But where do you begin, and how do you make sure you’re following a plan more »

Health and Wellness: Sports Nutrition

Sports medicine is a major focus at AOSMI: our professionals are trained to handle a wide range of sports injury cases and share insights about treatment as well as prevention. Over a long history of success in the field, we’ve found that the right information can ensure athletes stay in top form throughout the season. Some of the most basic more »

Health and Wellness in the New Year

The New Year is in full swing, and already 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic time at AOSMI. As we continue to improve our practice and streamline our operations to provide more efficient service, we’re able to give our patients care at the highest available standard of quality. Many of our patients are implementing resolutions that have to more »

Health and Wellness Services from AOSMI

Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute employs the top talent in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedics, providing patients with quality care at the highest standards of professionalism. Our practice complements in-depth medical procedures such as surgery with wellness options designed to promote health every day through holistic methods. The NJ Massage Therapy and Wellness Center here in NJ more »

Integrated Health and Wellness – Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment in NJ Osteopathic Manipulation is a combination of techniques that work to treat problems such as joint pain, back problems, muscular soreness, and headaches. While public awareness of this innovative treatment is only starting to emerge, osteopathic manipulation has long been shown to be especially effective when other methods of joint care and back pain treatments are not more »

Integrated Health and Wellness – Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition 101 From Advanced Ortho Sports Sports Nutrition is the first frontier towards better overall health. Understanding how the body works and how foods influence day to day functioning and recovery is vital to a lifetime of optimal health. Accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, our nutritionist specializes in weight management, medical nutrition therapy, food allergy management and more »

Integrated Health and Wellness –

Osteoporosis Treatment For Continual Spine Health Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become fragile and are more likely to fracture. In patients with decreased bone health, the bone loses density and becomes prone to fractures. Osteoporosis Treatment includes diet and exercise, calcium and vitamin D, and medication. Diet and exercise are the first lines of treatment, including an increased intake more »

Integrated Health and Wellness – Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment in NJ Acupuncture treatment dates back to antiquity and can be used to treat a number of medical conditions. Acupuncture involves the placement of small needles throughout the body in areas shown to help balance the body’s qi, or energy flow. These small needles are usually relatively painless. The process typically requires several treatments at our acupuncture center. These more »

Check Out Our Integrative Wellness Center

The road to recovery is a holistic one. At AOSMI, we believe that any plan of recovery must include the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of wellness. Our New Jersey orthopedic surgeons understand that true wellness involves achieving a balance between proper nutrition, sleep, stress relief and physical fitness. When any of the above is left out of the picture, more »