Health and Wellness: Sports Nutrition

19845815_lSports medicine is a major focus at AOSMI: our professionals are trained to handle a wide range of sports injury cases and share insights about treatment as well as prevention. Over a long history of success in the field, we’ve found that the right information can ensure athletes stay in top form throughout the season. Some of the most basic choices form the core of optimal health. One central element in athletic function is proper nutrition. With its expanding focus on health and wellness, AOSMI is offering expert nutrition therapy and nutrition services, both for sports medicine patients as well as orthopedic patients.

Accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the expert nutritionist working with AOSMI has multiple specialty areas, including weight management, medical nutrition therapy, food allergy management, and lifecycle nutrition. At AOSMI’s Wellness Center, patients can receive personalized recommendations and assistance based on their medical histories as well as their individual fitness goals. Patient education is one of the best ways AOSMI reaches out to the community and improves the health of newcomers and existing patients alike. Contact one of the practice’s many orthopedic specialists today to learn more about nutrition therapy as well as a comprehensive suite of other orthopedic services in NJ.