Meet Dr. Goldberg

goldbergOnce upon a time, not too long ago, spine surgery meant an invasive and complex procedure that was followed by weeks of bed rest at home. Thanks to new and vastly improved techniques for spinal procedures, this is no longer the case. At AOSMI, Dr. Gerardo Goldberg is the leader in minimally invasive, motion preserving spine procedures.

Dr. Goldberg is a board certified New Jersey orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, and total joint replacement. His comprehensive approach to patient care and dedication to providing his patients with the most effective treatments that involve the least amount of recovery time possible have made him an MVP for all our clients. His years as a rower for Rutgers University, along with his Ironman Competition races, give him the unique ability to understand sports injuries from both sides of the operating table. He brings compassion, a keen eye for detail and precision and persistence to each injury he treats.

As an experienced orthopedic specialist, Dr. Goldberg’s passion is minimally invasive disk treatment. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Goldberg means signing up for a comprehensive exploration of treatment. Generally, Dr. Goldberg will start with injections and physical therapy before moving to surgical solutions. If your injury responds to such techniques, those will be continued. If not, minimally invasive surgical options like disk replacements will be discussed. Dr. Goldberg’s procedures are usually so non-invasive that patients can return home the next day.

Suffering from spine pain? Call Dr. Goldberg today for a consultation.