Introducing the AOSMI Subsidiary Mini Sites

AOMSI has some exciting news to share! We’re proud to announce we’ve partner with digital media company Ajax Union to launch eight new “mini sites” to better connect you with our specialists and specialized resources.

Operating as one central hub for a diverse team has a lot of perks. The AOSMI centers are home to surgeons, nutritionists, physical therapists, physicians, and many other medical professionals. Our experts are able to share information, strategies, and collaborate on treatment and recovery plans, making it easy for our patients to have all their healthcare needs met in one place. With our new mini sites, we hope to make it easier for patients to make that initial connection and to stay informed about the topics relevant to them–and you!

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce our new sites!




Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey

Our health and wellness center focuses on holistic care and an integrative approach to medicine. Here, you can find information on genomic testing, acupuncture, massage therapy, personalized nutrition, and more.




Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold

Physical therapy has a wide variety of applications. It’s used to help patients recover from injuries and surgery, to correct posture and gait, and to prevent future injuries or pain by strengthening key areas. From improving your golf swing to helping you run faster, our team of certified therapists evaluates your athletic performance and gives you the tools needed to advance your skills.




Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey

Cartilage injuries often get “lumped in” with general joint injuries, when in reality it’s a complex tissue. Our professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating cartilage damage. Visit our site to learn more about the many treatment options available for cartilage injuries.




New Jersey Joints

Hips, knees, and shoulders are our specialty. We treat pain, loss of mobility, stiffness and other conditions affecting these areas. Our site offers resources on conservative and surgical treatment options, tips for prolonging the longevity of your joints, and more.




New Jersey Hand and Wrist

Our hands and wrists are complicated structures. We rely on them to be flexible and dexterous. And you can rely on us to provide top quality care and resources on common conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, exercises for protecting yourself from repetitive motion injuries, and other important hand and wrist health information.




New Jersey Foot and Ankle

Sprains, strains, fractures, breaks–there’s a lot that can go wrong below our knees. Visit our foot and ankle site to learn more about how to spot common conditions, what you can do to help avoid injuries, and what treatment options are available.




New Jersey Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine professionals aren’t just here to treat injuries–we can help you take a proactive approach to improving your fitness. We offer testing to identify your unique physical strengths and weaknesses, and then work with you to provide a training regimen optimized for your physicality. Visit our site to learn more.



Spine Care New Jersey

Back injuries and spinal conditions can be incredibly painful–and frightening. Our goal is to empower patients with top quality care and educational resources. At our site, you’ll find articles on preventing and treating common back problems, surgical options, pain management and more.