Understanding Musculoskeletal Health: What You Need To Know


Musculoskeletal health refers to the overall health of the muscles and bones that comprise your body’s systems. Understanding the key elements that go into keeping your musculoskeletal system in working order is key to preventing sports injury, body pain, and illness. Our team of New Jersey orthopedic surgeons has comprised a short list of what you need to know about your body’s musculoskeletal system.

What You Need To Know About Musculoskeletal Health:

  • Nixing The Soda Can Save Your Body: Soda, especially regular and diet colas, have been shown to lead to osteoporosis. The reason for this lies in the fact that these popular drinks prevent calcium absorption and lead to lower bone density. Be kind to your bones and drink water rather than soda.
  • Stand Up Straight: Your mom was right; your posture is crucial to overall health. Poor posture can lead to strains in the wrists, shoulders, elbows, and back and cause persistent pain and muscle damage.
  • Get Moving: Whether you’re interested in weight loss or not, getting up and moving around on a regular basis is crucial to musculoskeletal health. Living a sedentary life has been shown to cause painful and dangerous loss of muscle and bone strength and puts you at risk for a host of injuries.
  • Slim Down For Your Health: Maintaining a healthy weight is about more than fitting into the latest summer fashion trends. Being overweight has been shown to affect everything from cardiovascular health to the performance of your bones and muscles. The main reason is that all of this extra weight puts undue pressure on your bones and muscles and leads to deterioration and possible injury. In keeping with our previous tip, get up and get moving to keep your system from having to overwork itself to support the weight of your movement.
  • Sleep Well: All too often our society places prestige on working around the clock and missing out on crucial sleep time. This does more than lead to overtired, cranky Americans. It is putting all of our systems at risk for disease, injury, and increased pain. To highlight this point, studies have shown that one night of missed sleep can trigger cellular action that can lead to tissue and muscle deterioration. Imagine what regular lack of sleep is doing to your body!

Now that you know the basics of musculoskeletal health, incorporate these tips into your daily life for improved overall health and a reduction of aches and pains. If the pain persists or your suffer an injury, call AOSMI to request an appointment with a sports injury specialist today.

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