I went to Dr Goldberger with a full mass tear in my rotator cuff due to playing tennis. In February of 2015, he successfully performed a very complicated surgery to reconstruct and repair my right shoulder. Although I had been warned by many to expect intense pain and a lengthy recovery and the possibility of not ever playing tennis again, I was completely pain-free and back on the tennis courts after six months of therapy. It’s been 2 years since my surgery and I’m still pain-free and playing tennis 4 times a week! I have and will recommend Dr Goldberger to all my family and friends. His professionalism and ability as an orthopedic surgeon rate 5 out 5 stars in my opinion. Thank you Dr Goldberger and may God bless you!! (Cristina Tarantino | 2018 | Google)

When I look for a doctor I seek out individuals that share my passions. I am an athlete and when I have a problem I want the doctor to know me and understand my values. Dr. Gerardo Goldberger is an Ironman athlete and knows how athletes think. He understands that we don’t want to stop our workouts. I had the good fortune to know Dr. Goldberger as an athlete. When he heard of my back and leg pain he suggested an MRI. The results indicated spine issues that would only get worse without surgery. As a fellow athlete he understood my apprehension and sent me to another surgeon to confirm his analysis. The other surgeon confirmed Dr. Goldberger’s analysis. It has been less than 6 months since my surgery and fortunately I am back to triathlon swimming, running and cycling pain free!!!!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Goldberger and believe you will be in very capable hands if you choose this awesome doctor. (Self-verified patient of Dr. Gerardo V. Goldberger | Vitals)


J_Clifford_Rigby_Testimonial-1 3-19-2015

To. Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Goldberger, and the entire staff at Advanced Orthopedics,

Thank You all for takingcare of my mother. It is truly humbling to see such great compassion and skill used to relieve the suffering of someone you love. This is care that I do not believe she could have received anywhere else. Your whole operation gives me pause to think about how I can be a better person.

I am grateful beyond words that you were willing to take this case. She is already moving around and I am confident that this surgery will dramatically improve the quality of her life and make the time that we spent together happier and more meaningful.

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testimonial-maggieDear Dr. Goldberger:

We can’t begin to thank you for all you have done for us. You are more than a ‘Dr.’ to us, you are a friend and a blessing!

Again, thank you so much for caring for us so well!

You are The Man!

Love ya,
Maggie and Denge

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testimonial-seanDear Dr. Goldberger,

I can’t thank you enough for taking care of me this week. After the injury I was scared… I knew it was a long recovery, but I didn’t know when that recovery would begin, nor who would be operating on me.

As soon as I knew it would be you taking care of me the fear went away. It is great to know you are in the hands of such an experienced surgeon who genuinely cares and understands your needs. If only every doctor could be like you – luckily for us we don’t need anyone else, we have you!

I am back at my parents with my foot up, just relaxing. The pain has seriously reduced since yesterday. I am already at half dosage on the Percocet and hope to be off them soon. Everyone is checking out the photos and the video…such a cool way to explain what was done.

Please tell Dan I said thank you as well, I don’t have his email. He was great as well as the rest of the crew, you really make an awesome team! I had a wonderful overall experience at the hospital, come yesterday afternoon, I was so comfy I didn’t want to leave.

I will see you in 12 days – the countdown to the next phase is on!!!

And please tell your daughter I said sorry for you having to miss picking her up, I’ll figure a way to make it up to both of you 🙂

Thanks again,


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Dear Dr. Goldberger,

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. Your care and genuine concern has been like no other. You have helped me so much and I am greatly appreciative for that. You’ve changed my life. Thank you.



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testimonial-gailDear Dr. Goldberger,

I just wanted to thank you for the “special consideration.”
Far too often, Dr’s are not thanked enough!

Thanks again,
See you in a few weeks.

Gail K.

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