What is a Hip Arthroscopy?

hip arthroscopy Our hips are designed to withstand repeated use, and wear and tear. But despite this durability, our hip joints aren’t indestructible. With age and activity, the cartilage can wear down or get damaged. A fall or injury can even fracture the hip bone itself. Any of these conditions can cause hip pain. One of the best ways to find the cause and render treatment is hip arthroscopic surgery, one of the best hip replacement alternatives.

Hip Arthroscopy allows the hip arthroscopy surgeons at AOSMI to gain access to the inside of the hip joint with very little violation of healthy tissue. The NJ orthopedic surgeons are able to visualize the acetabulum (socket) and labrum (fibro-cartilage rim) as well as the articular (joint) cartilage.

Common Hip Injuries and Conditions Treated

hip-therapy Diseases such as loose bodies, infection, labral tears and cartilage hip injures can be successfully treated with hip arthroscopic surgery. However in advanced cases of hip arthritis, hip arthroscopy is not a useful treatment. In general, joint replacement yields better results in patients with degenerative joint disease (hip arthritis). While AOSMI offers top notch hip arthroscopy surgeons in NJ, AOSMI always applies advanced techniques to ensure that, when possible, your condition is diagnosed without the need for surgery. We develop long-range plans of treatment and physical therapy to address pain or weakness. Our physicians continuously discover new and more effective methods of evaluating, treating and rehabilitating our patients without surgery and with hip replacement alternatives.

Common Surgical Procedures by Our NJ Orthopedic Surgeons

The NJ orthopedic surgeons at AOSMI are heavily experienced with hip injuries and surgeries. In the past, problems deep within the hip joint such as (labral) cartilage tears and loose bodies were very difficult to treat because they required large incisions and dislocation of the hip. Due to the delicate blood supply to the head of the femur, open surgery can lead to catastrophic complications with eventual collapse and destruction of the hip joint. But hip arthroscopy has changed that. Hip arthroscopic surgery utilizes a fiber-optic camera attached to a narrow probe, which is placed into the joint. Specially designed equipment is then placed into the hip through very small incisions to treat diseased cartilaginous and ligamentous tissues. Recovery and rehabilitation following the surgery is often very rapid. You will likely leave the hospital the same day and may be given crutches for assistance. You should be able to walk without assistance and return to office-work in a few days. Physical therapy is started within the first week and many patients return to sporting activities in about three weeks.

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