Urgent Care at AOSMI

Urgent care by trusted orthopedic specialists The orthopedic specialists at AOSMI are committed to bringing you timely and relevant care when you need it. Our team of dedicated specialists offers same-day urgent care for injuries that require immediate attention. Rather than spending hours waiting around your local emergency room for an overworked medical resident to get a few minutes to see you, take your injuries to your trusted AOSMI team.

Whether it is a sports injury that brings you to us or a flareup of a previous medical concern, our team can usually see you on the very same day for treatment of most urgent musculoskeletal injuries. We offer on-site digital X-rays that will be reviewed by board-certified orthopedic specialists to determine the best course of treatment for both children and adults. Should your injury require physical therapy, our on-site physical, occupational and massage therapy team can usually get you started on your therapy rehabilitation immediately.

All of this means you will save time that would have been wasted in an overcrowded emergency room and get your injury treated by trained and certified specialists who will also be able to monitor your followup care. Our team wants to watch your full recovery, not simply treat your pressing issue and then never see you again. Follow up with us to make sure everything heals smoothly.

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