Scott DeFillippis


“I was in a Bicycle crash on Monday July 4th, 2011 in Switzerland, and fractured my clavicle. I called AOSMI, from Switzerland to request treatment by Dr. Goldberger. Dr. Goldberger reviewed my X-rays electronically. I underwent surgery, in New Jersey on July 6th. The surgery went extremely well. Dr. Goldberger is the best surgeon. My recovery was fantastic. I was able to resume basic training in 5 days, within 3 weeks resumed my running, by week 4 I was back swimming, and by 8 weeks I competed in a race.

The physicians at AOSMI all share the same objective for all patients, which is the passion for helping people get back to their active lives. This is pretty special, and of particular importance to athletes.”

-Scott DeFillippis – Professional Triathlete and Coach