Three Fun Ideas For A Healthy, Active Weekend


The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity, or some combination of the two each week for healthy adults. Having trouble squeezing all that in on weekdays? No worries–summer weekends are perfect for these fun activities to get you moving and enjoying the season!


Go to a Festival

Take a trip to a small town festival this summer for a day of family fun–and a good walk! Get the most benefit–and avoid the stress of circling the parking lot–by parking a little further away from the festival grounds. For New Jersey residents, there’s a great roundup of upcoming festivals, fairs, and more here. Just avoid the fair food in favor of lighter alternatives–like fresh peaches at the Peach Festival!




Take a Hike

Hikes aren’t just a great workout–they’re a great way to get out in nature and have a good time without spending money. If you live in New Jersey, you can find a top-ten list of hiking spots here–for your own hiking pleasure, and to point to next time anyone makes a New Jersey joke (we have some gorgeous parks!).



Raise Funds for Charity

Sign up for a local 5k or other charity event. Easier yet? Try an app like Charity Run, which donates money to your chosen charity for each mile you run, walk, or bike. It’s a great time of year to have a good time while doing good!


What activities keep you fit and happy this season? We’d love to hear from you!


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