Tai Chi For Arthritis – The Fun Way To Get Stronger and Feel Better

Debilitating pain and limitations in mobility caused by arthritis aren’t exactly the keys to feeling strong and powerful. Tai Chi can be amazing therapy for arthritis sufferers. Tai Chi for arthritis doesn’t just alleviate symptoms–it gives practitioners a skillset that contributes to overall health and well being.


What is it?
Tai Chi is an ancient martial art practice with roots in China. Traditionally, Tai Chi was practiced for both defense training and health benefits. It was and is considered an “internal” martial art, meaning one based in inner strength, even though it involves physical strength as well.

The study of Tai Chi encompases three key facets: health, meditation, and martial art. The physical aspect alludes to overcoming physical manifestations of stress and obtaining physical fitness; the meditation aspect alludes to managing mental stress and overall balance; the martial art element involves using Tai Chi movements defensively.

How does it work?
Tai Chi is a safe, low impact way to strengthen the body. The movements are gentle and graceful–there isn’t sudden pressure of weight being forced on the joints. Flowing smoothly through the exercises is emphasized, which promotes flexibility and improves balance. These elements combine to foster relaxation, and many patients report reduced pain during and post-practice.

Who can benefit?
Tai Chi is prescribed for patients of all ages, but is often especially helpful for seniors or those with severe arthritis. The practice is a great way to reap any number of benefits in a low-impact, low-risk context.

Although Tai Chi is widely hailed as one of the safest forms of exercise, it’s important to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. Our physicians and physical therapists offer comprehensive physical evaluations to help determine what kinds of exercise and alternative healing treatments can most benefit you. Please contact our office to request an appointment.