The Importance of Staying Active In Retirement


Retirement gets a reputation as the time for sitting back, relaxing, and reflecting on a life well lived. While it is the perfect time for all those activities, be careful not to drift into a sedentary lifestyle. When it comes to ensuring a healthy and happy old age, nothing offers more protection from the perils of brittle bones and aging muscles than making it a priority to stay active during your retirement years. NJ physical therapy specialists see the effects of not doing so daily and offer a few reminders as to why regular physical activity is so crucial in your later years.

Top Two Reasons To Stay Active In Your Retirement:

  • Continued Independence: One of the hardest emotional hurdles to overcome as you age is the decrease in the amount of independence you have. As one ages, the ability to live and function independently can dramatically lessen, and the emotional effects of this can be devastating. The easiest way to ensure continued independent living is through keeping your body moving, and your joints and muscles loose and well used. This will do everything from preventing deterioration to increasing recovery times for hip and joint replacement surgeries.
  • Disease Prevention: The National Institute for Health has issued a report of their findings that regular physical movement can dramatically lower one’s risk for developing diseases that common attack the elderly. Furthermore, physical movement can help manage symptoms of high blood pressure, problems with balance and gait, and diabetes.

As you settle into your golden years, remember that the more you use your body, the longer your body will reliably serve you without pain or disability. If you’re currently suffering from aches and pains that seem more pronounced than they should be, call AOSMI to speak with a New Jersey Orthopedic specialist today. Our team will treat any present problems while offering some tips for preventing further injury or illness to your musculoskeletal system.