Staying Safe with Summer Sports


How can you avoid injury and still get the most out of the summer?

Summer sports are All-American favorites: baseball, tennis, swimming, softball, soccer, cycling, ultimate frisbee, surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, beach volleyball, archery, windsurfing, polo, golf, running, and more! But with all these exciting adventures come the risks and hazards associated with being active outdoors in hot and humid weather. 

See your primary care doctor regularly. 

As with any physical activity, it’s crucial to make sure you are fit enough to begin by seeing your primary care doctor regularly. Especially if you’ve had some time off due to inclement weather or sports injury, starting slowly and prudently is always the best plan. Working with a professional or trainer can be very helpful because he or she can guide you through increasingly vigorous levels of recreation.

Staying fit in the summer has its own particular challenges; namely, dealing with the heat and oppressive humidity all too familiar to the Northeast. It is even more vital that you:

  • Practice assiduous warm ups and cool downs during intensely warm weather
  • Take frequent breaks to stay hydrated
  • Spend time in the shade
  • Wear loose fitting but safe clothing for your activity can improve your body’s ability to stay cool

Whether your activity has you playing on a team or in solitary reflection, you can still practice safely by always letting someone know where you plan to go to exercise, and carrying a cell phone in case of an emergency. If you are on a team, try and find players who are close to your skill and fitness level, at least at first.

Some discomfort or soreness is to be expected anytime you increase your activity level, but if you feel any pain, be it joint, muscle, or any other kind, stop immediately and see a professional. Working through the pain means you may be ignoring your own body’s early warning system that something is awry, and may lead to greater irritation or serious injury. If you have a prior impairment, you should certainly speak with an orthopedic specialist about what level of workout you should aim for.

By following simple precautions and exercising prudent judgment, you can enjoy all the fun and sports this summer has to offer! For more great information about staying active and summer activity, visit our blog.