Suffering from a Sports Injury?

No matter how careful you are when playing sports, it’s quite common for players to become injured during the course of a game or when practicing. In some cases, players can “walk it off” because the injury is quite mild. However, there are a variety of injuries that will require the attention of a medical professional, such as the experts at Advanced Orthopedics. With that in mind, here are common injuries for some of the most popular sports being played today:

sports injury specialistBaseball

Overuse of the shoulder or elbow can often cause injuries in athletes that play baseball, especially pitchers. Warming up properly and not playing everyday, year-round can help prevent injuries. However, if an injury does occur, a sports medicine specialist should be consulted.


Sprained and strained tendons are among the most common injuries sustained by soccer players. Players are constantly running around on the field, and it’s easy to overdo it and push a tendon past the point of comfort. Sprains and strains vary in intensity, and it’s a good idea to have a medical professional evaluate you to make sure you get the required treatment.


Basketball players are always running hard and fast and frequently make contact with one another, the floor and walls. One of the most common injuries for basketball players is an ankle sprain. Typically, you will treat the injured ankle with rest, ice, compression and evaluation, which is easy to remember with the acronym RICE. Your ankle sprain may be quite severe, especially if it was caused by a growth plates injury.


Football players frequently wind up getting traumatic knee injuries. With such a physical sport, participants are likely to sustain knee injuries such as a problem with a ligament or cartilage. Playing on an unfamiliar field or putting your foot down at a bad angle can lead to a painful injury that requires immediate attention.