New Bloodless Protocol for Joint Replacement Surgery

orthopedic surgeons

AOSMI orthopedic surgeons have pioneered a new bloodless surgery protocol for joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures. Advanced Ortho Sports gives patients that they need in a number of areas, including sports medicine, joint replacement, spine care, fracture care, hand and wrist injuries, and urgent care. This new procedure is just another example of top quality care available from the orthopedic specialists.

With the use of tranexamic acid as well as advanced surgical coagulation techniques, blood loss and the need for transfusions have been significantly reduced. Since blood transfusions have many potential side effects and risks, patients are much more comfortable having surgery with the new technique which avoids the need for transfusions in the vast majority of patients.

In addition, patients feel better and more vigorous after surgery since they have more circulating oxygen in their blood and are less prone to anemia. This allows more surgeries to be performed without the need for hospitalization and intensive monitoring, resulting in significant cost savings.

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