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sports-medicine-specialistsSports medicine is a field in which the right information can make a major difference. Preventative measures and insight shared by top orthopedic specialists in the field can preserve an athlete’s health and alert any sports enthusiasts to potential issues. Athletic pursuits are physically demanding, but expert professionals are consistently developing new ways to keep patients safe on the field and help athletes recover from sports injury. The most successful athletes stay as up to date on sports medicine as possible. At AOSMI, we’re here to help every active patient do the same with our regular email newsletter.

Our opt-in email often covers news around the practice, from each of our three convenient locations. These news items might include the arrival of a new team member or an educational spotlight on a particular service. The newsletter also collects articles on various sports medicine topics and provides a reminder about AOSMI’s lineup of events. As a first-destination resource for those interested in learning more about sports medicine, the AOSMI newsletter is a great start. Our caring and highly qualified team would be glad to share information with you via email or by any other means convenient for you: visit us online or contact us today to begin the conversation.