Stay Up-to-Date with AOSMI Events

Call center employee with neck painAdvanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI) receives regular communications from patients who are looking for news and updates about orthopedics and health topics. At AOSMI, our professionals provide world-class medical care within and beyond the practice, sharing resources online with our community of patients. We also host a series of informative, successful events at the practice and encourage our patients to stop by and benefit from the presentations available. Prevention is an important aspect of staying in good health, and getting educated is the best way to ensure you’re taking any necessary steps to preserve mobility and comfort.

Registering for an AOSMI event gives a patient a chance to hear expert advice and insight from a leader in the field. It also helps start a relationship between patient and professional — a key aspect of our practice, where we focus on creating an effective dynamic at every opportunity. We’re proud to welcome the local community that trusts us to our events and eager to introduce our readers to the program. Visit AOSMI online today and browse the Events section to find out about upcoming presentations and register to attend: we’re always sharing the latest updates through these live seminars and workshops.