Sports Medicine To Keep You in the Game

Have an expert treat your sports injury When you live the life of an athlete, injuries are bound to happen. While there are a number of precautions you can take, sometimes sports injury is unavoidable. It is the nature of the game. When we give everything we have on the field, we sometimes walk (or limp) away a little worse for wear. Therefore, knowing where to go for quality orthopedic care is vital.

AOSMI’s orthopedic specialists cater to sports injuries. Our sports medicine department is dedicated to properly diagnosing your injury, devising and implementing the best treatment plan and helping you get back to your A-game as quickly as possible through physical therapy, massage therapy and occupational therapy.

The sports medicine specialists at AOSMI are equally skilled in surgical and non-surgical treatments and will work to provide you with the most effective treatment with the least possible recovery time. Our team will work to devise the least invasive treatment plan possible. Once the injury itself has healed, our physical rehabilitation team will show you how to keep your body free of pain and in working order.

As an athlete, you give your all on the field. As sports medicine specialists, we give our all to you every time. The combination creates great players with healthy bodies!