Learn About Joint Replacement at AOSMI

New Jersey Orthopedic Surgeons and Joint Surgery

For those suffering from hip, knee or shoulder joints that are simply beyond repair, joint replacement can mean the difference between the active lifestyle they are accustomed to and severely decreased mobility and independence. Even knowing this, the thought of undergoing surgery to replace a joint is a proposition that gives many pause and concern. The New Jersey orthopedic surgeons at AOSMI understand your hesitations. Our team is committed to working to find the least invasive treatment solution possible for you. Our orthopedic specialists have the years of training to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible in a setting that feels downright luxurious.

For those suffering from a damaged knee, shoulder or hip, there are some non-surgical treatment options available. Our team will go over each of these with you in detail and explain the best course of action. These include acupuncture, massage and physical therapy, injections, and strategic bracing. We suggest giving each of these a fair try before signing up for surgery.

Should you need surgery, our team of specialists is fellowship-trained and well versed in the latest advancements in prosthetic devices. We will explain the surgery to you beforehand, prepare you for what to expect and then walk with you through each stage of your recovery. When your mobility is at stake, trust your body only to the specialists.