Occupational Therapy for Workplace Health

19413885_lMaintaining optimal health in the workplace is key to success: a comfortable employee will be more committed to tasks at work and more productive overall. With the right information and expertise, any employee can prevent the majority of occupational health concerns such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Still, accidents in the workplace can occur, and even injuries sustained outside the office can have consequences during an employee’s day to day workflow. In these cases, focused occupational therapy can alleviate symptoms and restore a patient’s ability to contribute in the workplace. At AOSMI, Certified Hand Therapist Mary Wesley focuses on occupational therapy, providing customized solutions to employees with a wide range of conditions.

From post-trauma care intended to help patients recover their capabilities to long-term solutions for chronic problems, occupational therapy at AOSMI can be tailored to assist any patient in reaching their goals. The practice’s focus on technology ensures that every patient receives the most appropriate care using the least-invasive methods, providing for a quick recovery in a wide range of cases. Any patient who has suffered an injury or currently lives with a condition that has an impact on their professional life can find an AOSMI expert in occupational therapy by contacting the practice today.