New Pain Management Information and Resources

epi-1Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute is committed to promoting good health and active lifestyles inside the practice and throughout the community. Staffed by a dedicated and talented team of orthopedic specialists, our practice serves as a resource for patients in our local area as well as online readers who wish to know more about the services we offer. We’re expanding our focus on treatment, prevention, and education consistently by adding new content to our site. One of the areas we’ve most recently revisited is pain management. New pages featured on this area of the site outline treatment options such as sympathic blocks, PSIS injections, and epidurals. Patients dealing with pain management issues can learn more about available services from AOSMI and start building a plan for recovery that works best for them.

With the arrival of specialist Dr. Arias, AOSMI now offers an even more state-of-the-art suite of pain management solutions, backed up by acclaimed service and a caring, personable philosophy. Browse the new pages for further information or contact AOSMI to get a more in-depth summary of your options, tailored to your specific concerns. As leaders in the field and trusted professionals in our area, we’re always ready to assist.