Being Injured and Not Being Hurt

ankle-fracture-symptoms-225x300At Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, providing the highest standard of care to every individual patient is our top priority. Our professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each procedure not only treats injuries and restores function, but also rebuilds confidence, inspires a sense of security, and creates trust. We regularly receive positive feedback and find testimonials from our patients on the Internet, where we continue our conversations about prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. One such testimonial, on the blog Iconic Talks, highlights the personal focus and expert skill employed daily at our practice.

The author of the post discusses his reaction to a torn Achilles tendon and outlines how the staff at AOSMI helped him first to come to terms with the setback and then to overcome it. While receiving care for the injury, the patient discovered that a Physician Assistant on our staff was a friend he’d previously met in the community. This personal connection is emblematic of the approach our orthopedic specialists use when helping patients through serious injury. The author also speaks to the singular talent of AOSMI surgeon Dr. James F. Cozzarelli, whose skills combined with attentive personal care to transform a distressing event into a comfortable and unforgettable positive experience:

My injury may have sidelined me for 6-months or so but knowing I have a a professional and  friend like Dan makes it much easier to say I’m injured, but I’m not hurt. Thanks to Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, you guys get the MVP for service, quality and compassion.

The full article is available at Iconic Talks, complete with more information about AOSMI from the patient’s perspective: a smart read for anyone who wants to learn more about our practice, its services, and its team of dedicated professionals.