Mr. Connolly Knee Replacement by Dr. Michael Greller Testimonial

Michael C had a bilateral knee replacement done late February 2017 and only about 1 month after surgery, Michael is able to move better and is even doing a dance in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Here Michael is 6 weeks post bilateral knee replacement surgery, done late February 2017. Michael’s mobility is improving every day and is already to walk, run and dance a jig.

Dr. Greller specializes in advanced, minimally-invasive shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle arthroscopic procedures, including ACL, rotator cuff and meniscus surgery. He also performs minimally-invasive hip, knee and shoulder replacements. Dr. Greller, being on the cutting edge of technology in orthopedics, was one of the first New Jersey surgeons to do computer-assisted joint replacements in the tri-state area and he is always trained on the latest technologies to improve patient non-surgical and surgical outcomes.

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